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Halifax Digital Content Marketing Services Growth Strategies

#1 Digital Marketing Services In Halifax

Bobby Barr Media can provide strategies & services to suit your businesses growth plans. All 15 digital marketing & content services can be adopted by you.

Get in touch and lets create a plan based on your requirements, budget and business goals. Digital marketing is changing in 2021, Google page experience comes into force in May 2021. It could effect your businesses website rankings.

Halifax Online Digital Marketing (Serp) Services.

Digital Marketing Planning In Halifax

Does your business have a marketing strategy plan?

If not then why not?

In 2021 mobile marketing is set to rise from 8% to 21%. Voice recognition tools like Siri & Alexa are set to take 65% of the enquiries.

To put this in perspective if you are not visible online, across many different platforms. It will become very difficult to appear in search engine 1st page results.

The good news, it’s never too late to start creating your digital marketing strategy plan. It will change the direction of your business results for the better.

It is our job to help you create the best strategies and plans. Because it will increase your exposure, visibility, business brand awareness and growth digitally online.

Digital Marketing Consulting.

Bobby Barr Media provides a 60 – 120 minute consultancy service. We help clients get focus, understand their target audience and to plan their best marketing strategies.

We go over your current content, platforms & formats. We will advise the best route to take going forward so you can implement the strategies yourselves.

This is an affordable way for customers to start their digital marketing plan.

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Content Marketing Services Halifax West Yorkshire

Content Marketing is information you produce, publish & distribute across platforms & channels. In written, video & audio formats to engage with your target audience.

Do you have a clear message that can resonate with new potential customers, when they visit your website?.

Bobby Barr Media will help you construct a plan and or the content, Increasing YOUR online Exposure, Visibility, Brand Awareness & Customers for your Business.

Becoming the dominant news authority in your local area is very likely. You can even dominate Google 1st page results, we show you how.

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Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)

You’re probably already familiar with the term Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

As nowadays it has been a fast growing digital marketing campaign to grow your business in an increasingly competitive market place.

Here, we will discuss in detail about search engine marketing, how it is effective? What is the difference between search engine marketing and search engine optimization?

We help you to indentify the best marketing mix modelling systems to suit your business.


Halifax Messenger AI ChatBot Builds And Marketing Services

Halifax Chatbots Are Coming To Work For You

Chatbots or (bots) can be your businesses new best and most valuable friend. If You Havn't done your chatbot research yet, it is time you did.

It is envisaged that most businesses will have a bot in the next 5 years. They are here to stay whether you like it or not and here's why.

  • Chatbots Save you money on staff.

  • Chatbots help build your email list.

  • Bots are automated & talk to many at once.

  • Bots are a great marketing growth tool.

  • Chatbots convert your leads to customers.

  • Bots are taking over folks, get used to it.

Based on the above evidence it would be crazy NOT to invest in a good chatbot flow script. Bobby Barr Media have a great selection that can be customized for most businesses.


Digital DNA Unlocked

Digital DNA Unlocked is a new concept unearthed by Bobby Bobby Bar Media. It helps businesses create content about their businesses across omnichannel platforms easier.

Using the power of leverage, we show you how to be the dominant news authority on social media and in the 1st pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo & Duckduckgo search engine results.

This powerful tool gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. It can also ensure rankings are maintained throughout the alogorithm updates. (This is powerful)

Our new training course will be available soon for businesses who want to do it themselves.

Alternatively, if you dont want to wait and would like to arrange a call to discuss how Digital DNA Unlocked can help your business. Please hit the RED button below.

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Halifax Podcasting Marketing Strategist.

Podcasting is the new digital marketing wave for businesses to capitalise on for growth. The ability for customers to listen whilst doing other things means its growth can become exponential. Utilising audio to market your message or offer is now easier than ever before.

As a business you have the opportunity to create your own radio channel and broadcast it worldwide very quickly. Podcasting has 850,000 podcasts worldwide with 485,000 million listeners. It is not to late to jump on the podcast train, it can catapult your business in front of millions of listeners.

Podcasting is also a fantastic communication tool for your business. Your Company can create episodes for personal development, leadership, high-performance, mindset, workplace relationships, mental health & nutritional advice.

Bobby Barr Media can provide you with a one-stop-shop for podcasting. In collaboration with our partners, we can walk you through podcast creation, equipment needed, artwork, series scripts & episode creation.

We can advise and or show you how to reach out and attract guests or just interview leaders and key people within your company. 

With the complete professional service, we will provide a comprehensive production service, including the music. We can also provide training for your employees on how to create a podcast if this is preferred.

Digital Marketing Growth Services Halifax

In conjuction with Bobby Barr Growth Strategist, we can tailor training or consulting for business & marketing growth strategies.

Below are a list of services that Bobby Barr Media provide.

✅ Digital Marketing Training ✅ Digital Marketing Consulting ✅ Digital Marketing Growth Strategies ✅ Content Marketing ✅ Content Creation ✅ Search Engine Marketing ✅

✅  Podcast Marketing ✅ Podcast Creation ✅ Podcast Training ✅ Chatbot Marketing ✅ Messenger Chatbots built✅ Facebook Chatbots ✅

✅ Business Growth Strategies ✅  Google PPC Marketing ✅ Social Media MarketingAnalytics ✅ Lead Generation & Automation ✅ Google Reputation Management ✅ Off Page SEO ✅ Backlink Building Strategies ✅ Online Visibility & Brand Awareness ✅ Digital DNA Omnipresence Marketing✅

✅  Cost Conversion ✅ Click through Rates (CTR) ✅ Email Marketing ✅ Media Advertising ✅ Search Engine Optimization ✅ Repurpose & optimize Old Content ✅ Website Optimization ✅  Youtube Marketing & Advertising ✅ Banner Ads & Pop Up Ads ✅  Digital DNA Unlocked Training ✅ Google Visibility DNA Unlocked ✅


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