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Sharon Havers Is a Modern business marketing expert for women entrepreneurs and personal brands so they can gain visibility through their authentic style of brand positioning

Your Getting Your Branding All Backwards?

Hey hey, I got tell you something: cuz, you're, getting it all backwards, people you know when I was on the phone earlier with someone. I was checking some emails and something came up, I was talking to prospective client today a One-On-One client. Which I normally don't take on, but I will be taking some on right now. It's, something that you're all doing wrong about branding really really wrong.

Now, if you even go - and you google. I don't know what is the word when you're going into instagram. You search, if you search Instagram hashtags, you'll, see like a tremendous amount for Brand personality. Everyone is saying you need a brand personality, but what you need, what you need more than anything else is a personality brand.

A personality brand is what moves the brand personality along. A personality brand is what people decide that they know and things like that? They trust that makes you magnetic to your best customer. So if you are say well, I don't have a personality.

Well, everybody has a personality and if you really think you don't have a personality then your personality brand. You're, just gonna be aligned with people who also dont have a personality, no judgement, but they're out there and it's.

Okay, but the thing is, that you must have a personality brain. If you look at the Biggie's out there, even like a Marie Forleo, Frank Kern, who is one of my mentors. Grant Cardone, Chalene johnson, Brandon burchard? Anyone who's really big, you're gonna notice.

Make Sure People Trust Your Brand And Want To Align With It

It's driven by their personalities. So what's happening? Its big? Corporations are trying to humanize themselves. They wouldn't, be like people. They want to be real, they want to be a personality brand and not a huge big corporation right.

So yours is solopreneur out there who's working so hard. But has somehow gotten diluted into this brand personality, which is cool like. What's the one word that describes your brand. What feeling you want people to see when they go on your page? What's, your brand car? All that stuff is okay, it's good, but if you don't have a personality that stands above all those templates.

You're, just gonna drown out there. So I'm, calling this a time for you to really understand that the big ones out there, the celebrities, the Guru's, the thought leaders, are really making themselves known.

They are personality driven, so whether or not you like them or you don't like them. They drew a line in the sand with their personality and you're gonna be attracted. I mean, I was even thinking earlier when this started about programs and courses that I 'invested my own money in. It's because the person who is leading it, had a personality and one of the very one times. One time I invested in a program and spent a lot of money with it, and I just hated it.

How To Create A Personality Brand?

I just thought it didn't, give anything it didn't offer anything. It was just so generic. It was so blah. I even went to their live event in Arizona. I felt that the whole program could have been said in like three words, rather than three videos and a sales video. You didn't need this whole formula was because I didn't like the dude's personality, I didn't think he had one.

So we weren't aligned to begin with, and then what happened was the more I went deep in the rabbit hole of his trainings. I realized that he wasn't for me and it's the same when people come to you, you were either gonna like me or not.

Like me, you're, not gonna. Like me, hey there hi there, people who are alive. Now I see you hey Mindy, um, hey Michael um. So what happens? Is you're either gonna like me, or you're, not gonna like me, and that's cool. Because there's a part for every cover, and you just don't have to be that part of my cover right. The same goes for you.

So when you're, getting bogged down in all this branding stuff. You're, starting to think that you must have a brand personality. Don't, put the cart before the horse and not have a personality brand.

So if you have no personality, I can't help you. But if you want to bring your personality into your brands, it starts with being real. It starts being authentic. It starts with putting a line in the sand and letting people know who you are.

They're, either gonna, like you or not like you. Because if you're just gonna be a milky toast or generic, you're, not gonna make it ahead. You're gonna have to stay where you are so choose your lane and get in it.

Not such a big choice. You've, got this personality for a long time. Most of you have this personality for at least 50 years right now, right, 40 years 60 years, so it should be okay that you're familiar with it.

You just need to how to bring it into your business. Because businesses and people are aligning with real people. So if you want to know how to get yourself out there, the first step you need to do.

Make Sure Your Brand Is Authentic

The very very first step you need to do is be aligned and be authentic in your photos. Your photos are what people make a decision on in one tenth of a second. They decide who you are, how they see you, whether or not it's right or wrong to see you swipe right, swipe left whatever it is.

They're gonna make that snap decision on you. So if you're coming across bad, overly set up, overly babe, like a hot mess, if people are gonna make that decision about you. So it's time to be real and it starts with being authentic.

So I can help you out with that. When you go over to authentic superstar, claim a five day challenge with me. I totally get everything you need for the foundational work to build a personality photo.

What's Gonna help elevate you into creating a personality brand right. Then you could start having the brand personality that aligns with it. So if you're gonna look for the one word in my case, it's, probably empowered.

If you're gonna be looking for the one coat. Obviously I like red a lot, even though I wear a block a lot. If you're, going to be looking for the vibe New York City straight talk and tell it like it is.

Those are all parts of my brand personality, but I'm pulling it out of a hat. They're, my personality, that's what makes me a personality brand. That's what makes you a personality brand. So it's really that simple.

Be Confident About Your Brands Personality

You know it's just being confident and not being afraid. Being confident to come out there as who you really are. That's how you will attract people, if you're gonna be coming out, wishy-washy or generic or milk toasty or like a bad template from hell.

Thats the kind of people you will attract. So people make a lot of money attracting you know. Boring people that's cool, if that's. your thing go ahead. You want to attract people who are aspirational too.

If you want to attract people who you actually want to hang out with. Even a social media business, then you need to let your personality shine. You need to let your freak flag fly, that doesn't mean you have to be creative and crazy and do all sorts of things. like play a ukulele when you walk out there.

That just means you need to be you, if you're the kind of person who comes out there with a ukulele. Well, I don't know. I think that worked for Tiny Tim so anyway. All I want to come is you just be real, be who you are. That's what a personality brand is about. 

That Is How Brands Are Built

What all these big thought leaders are doing, it's all coming to them. Even if they end up having five ten or a hundred people working for them. It's based off their personality, that's how their brand is built.

Dont forget that guys okay, I'll see you over at authentic super strong. Calm mmm-ah thanks for tuning in live guys. I'm, not wearing my glasses now, so I can't see it.

I'll check afterwards and if you're watching me in a replay, let me know what you think: okay, lots of likes lots of comments.

I love that stuff. Okay, even if you hate me, you put it down to its being real. If you're a creep, I will block you anyway, ha ha, see you soon: authentic superstar, calm, [ Applause, ]

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