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Halifax UK Interactive Messenger Chatbot Marketing Strategy

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Get The Best Interactive AI Chatbots For Facebook Messenger Builds In Halifax UK

A chatbot or (bot) for short is an extention to your business. They work 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you. Through facebook messenger or on your website. Why wouldnt a business want one? There are no reasons really, they are cost effective, make and save you money in the long run.

Bobby Barr Media have two options with our interactive messenger GEVO Chatbots, we can build one for you or you can do a build together. Just click the links below to choose.

There are many ways to use your bot once its ready for action. You can sell directly from the bot with a custom link, customers can check out with paypal or any other payment methods you have set up.

Just send all new potential customers into your system and your chatbot will do the rest. Bulk messaging in Facebook Messenger can be done through a campaign that goes direct into your bot at very low cost.

From your campaign your bot will look to gather the following: A phone number, email or messenger account so you can continue to communicate and convert the new potential into paying clients. That is if you are not selling direct from the bot.

Your options are below with Green, Amber & Red Buttons.

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